The Training Ends, and Your Journey Begins - Advanced

Ok, this is it. This is where everything you learned is applied. Master the abilities taught in this lesson, and your on your way to becoming one of the elites.

1)Linking - If you read the intermediate section and asked yourself, what the heck links are. Well, you're about to find out. A "link", in a general sense, is connecting two or more moves in rapid succession to gain, and maintain momentum. This is used ALL THE TIME in high level play, so it's essential to learn and to master if you have any hope of playing at a competitive level. A link must first have a "kicker", or a move that "kick starts" your character's movement. Common kickers include: Slides (near an edge) , hops, floats, and normal jumps. The most basic link is the double jump, so you more than likely have performed a link before but may have never known that you have. Different links used in advanced play include:

1)Slide, float, flying kick
2)Hop float, flying kick, hop, float
3)Hop, flying kick, … (whatever you want)

The list goes on. You can make up so many different combinations of links that there are far too many to list. Try to make up your own links when in certain combat scenarios.

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