Everyone has got to Start Somewhere... - Beginner

This page is all about starting out in Small Arms. Included on this page are things such as: what to do upon playing for the first time, a basic breakdown on how to control your character, and much more beneficial information on all things that anyone getting started should know. This is effectively the first step in breaking the shackles of n00biness.

First things first:
Play through the training mode. Contrary to some idiots' beliefs, this does not make you a n00b. If you think that the previous statement was completely unnecessary, trust me when I say that I have heard accounts from many people saying that they just got the game and thought that figuring the game out by themselves is easier. The training mode was put into the game for a reason. Although everything included is easily learned and applied, it alleviates the hassle of learning basic things like the "dash" through random chance of hitting the correct button. Now that this has been addressed we can continue to discuss what was learned in training mode and other basics to the game.

Basic Moves List:
Move - LS (Left Stick)
Aim - RS (Right Stick)
Jump - A/RB/LB (Right Bumper/Left Bumper)
Double Jump - 2x A/RB/LB
Melee - X or B
Dash - Y
Primary Weapon - RT (Right Trigger)
Secondary Weapon - LT (Left Trigger)

Some moves can be applied to perform certain actions
Pick up weapons - Melee (X or B)
Drop through platforms - Jumping while ducking on a platform (LS-down + A/RB/LB)

Helpful Information:
1. The Character Icon shows a screenshot of your current character. It is located next to your gamertag.
2. The Ammo Bar displays how much ammo is remaining in your gun. It is the orange bar located near the Character Icon.
3. Batteries can refill your Ammo Bar.
- Small Battery restores 1/5 of your Ammo Bar
- Large Battery restores all of the Ammo Bar

4. Your Health Meter displays how much remaing health your character has. It is located in between your gamertag and Ammo Bar.
- A green meter means that you have either full or nearly health remaining
- A yellow meter means that you have a moderate amount of health remaining
- A red meter mean that you only have a small amount of health remaining

5. Meat will refill your Health Meter.
- Ribs restores all of your health
- Turkey restores 7/8 of your health
- Ham restores 1/2 of your health
- Steak restores 1/4 of your health
- Fish restores 1/5 of your health
- Sardines restores 1/5 of your health

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