RT: regular bolts
LT: bolts with explosive apples
Associated Characters: Lord Peet, Gullarp
Damage: for the primary fire, fairly low, but roughly a third of most characters' health for the secondary

Strategy: a somewhat difficult weapon to use, but excellent it you can get the hang of the delay between pulling the trigger and firing. Use almost exclusively the explosive bolts because they do far more damage. if you have poor aim this is probably not the weapon for you, at least against good opponents. It should be used by aiming carefully, because if you just spam in the general direction of your enemy, it is easy to run out of ammo. Take advantage of the fact that the secondary fire is explosive, and therefore can do damage for a short time after the bolt actually hits. this is a good way to hit opponents who you cannot shoot directly. Other than that, be sure to lead considerably as the bolts do take some time to reach their destination.
Note: this weapon does relatively small damage to Logg and Tyrone

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