Chaingun Arm:
RT: Chaingun
LT: Shotgun Burst
Damage: Low-Moderately High (or occasionally up to half health or more, but that is rare)
Strategy: This gun is one of the most awkward guns in the game. The RT attack deals good damage, but the shotgun is where it's at. Here's the odd part: the shotgun works best at mid range. By this, I will show you an approximate ideal distance:

:) = you XO = guy you're about to shotgun


Hey, it was the best I could do XD. But seriously, use it ABOUT this distance. (You'll get a hang of the distance) This will bring the opponent's HP down to yellow. If you were to use it at point blank range, their health would take a small amount of damage, AND cause knockdown (big no-no). More often than not, it will stay at green. So, here's how you use it: Chaingun at close or far range (not at mid range, that's what the shotgun's used for). One last note: the top characters that get blasted the farthest:
1) Mousey McNuts
2) Pector El Pollo
3) Marky Kat

The rest don't fly AS far, but still can ruin a player's momentum (good thing).

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